averted prosecutions

Averted Prosecutions

Our client was employed by a non-profit agency and was suspected of diverting thousands of dollars of client funds for her own use. We stepped in at the earliest stage of the criminal investigation and successfully negotiated an amicable resolution with the agency. No criminal charges were brought.

Our client, a juvenile, was being investigated by the District Attorney’s office on possible rape charges. After we presented the DA’s Office with the results of our own investigation, including information retrieved by a forensic computer expert, we convinced that office not to prosecute.

Our client, an attorney, was investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Board of Bar Overseers based upon allegations that he engaged in misconduct and defrauded his client. No criminal charges were ever brought, and the BBO dropped its investigation without formal disciplinary action.

The Department of Justice spent several years investigating our client for bankruptcy fraud. Although the local prosecutors were prepared to file an indictment, we succeeded in derailing the prosecution by obtaining review of the case by Department of Justice officials in Washington, D.C. No charges were ever brought.

Our corporate client was investigated by federal law enforcement agencies for alleged culpability in connection with environmental pollution crimes. No charges were brought.